Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018 Seeds are planted for spring garden in AZ

It's time.  Spring has sprung in the desert southwest.  We just got a good rain finally and a brief cool down but the soil is warm enough to get some veggies growing!  At least get their seeds in the ground.

growing vegetables in AZ, greenhouse gardening AZ
The greenhouse has been doing the hard lifting for a while with the squash and herbs but it is time for them to start a new generation out in the garden where they grow the best.  The new squash seeds are in the ground as well as the cukes.  Both are sprouting up and ready to go, as are the green beans and tomato starts.  I lost a tomato plant and found a "Phoenix" variety tomato that I put in as a replacement and have heard good things about this hybrid so I will try it out and see how it fares.  It is supposed to be a good one for the AZ heat but it is a determinate plant meaning it will usually set one big crop and be done. I will keep you posted on the new guy.  I still like my "Early Girls" "Celebrity" and "Champion". 

I have ripped the pea vines out as they have done their duty and produced so many peas this winter.  The vines only go so tall and produce on the new growth so as they get past my fence I put up, the pods get smaller and I get less peas, much to the sadness of the Bassett hound that sits there waiting for the peas he loves to eat.
vegetable seed planting chart AZ Phoenix

Here is a general guide of seed planting times for AZ and a general watering guide.  I really have to emphasize that there is nothing set in stone in the gardening world.  Plants are living things and just because it's a certain day of the year does not mean they need one particular thing.  You have to consider all of the variables that are out there.  Is it warmer than usual, is it wetter than usual, is it windier than usual or do you have a more clay filled soil than someone who has more sand.  No one can give you a perfect schedule.  I used to tell clients all of the time that God gave you ten of the best little soil moisture testers you can have.  Stick one of them in the dirt and see if its still wet, if it's no...water.